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P.E.A.K Fitness Certification

At Quest Fitness, we believe that knowledge and execution is key to success for any training program. With that in mind, Quest Fitness has developed P.E.A.K Fitness Certification, a multi-level fitness certification program for fitness instructors and sports coaches. The level 1 (fundamental) certification is spread over 22 hrs across 3 days and the introductory program will be conducted from Oct 6 - Oct 8, 2017 at Studio 23, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

What makes P.E.A.K Fitness Certification unique

  • It is designed by fitness & sport science experts with over 35 years of experience in training and educating at the top level
  • An easy to understand program designed keeping Indian dynamics in mind with live examples and case studies
  • Unique program that covers not just generic fitness but sport science as well
  • Quest fitness software training and free access (to all the features) for the first 3 months to P.E.A.K certified instructors

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Quest Fitness?

If you are a professional in the fitness, you can Request a Demo today.

Is Quest Fitness free to use?

Quest Fitness is currently free to use and you can sign up for the free trial here.

How will this product help my business?

Quest Fitnesscomes with a simple interface where you can:

- Ease the process of running a business by creating client profiles and tracking their attendance                  
- Save time by sending automatic e-receipts and reminders to your clients so you no longer have to handle any physical payment receipts or manually track your billings
- Gain access to a library of exercises and fitness frameworks to help you design training programs
- Enter exercise/session details and track the progress of an unlimited number of clients with our reports
- Impress your clients by planning training sessions in advance for them and giving regular feedback on their progress, all backed by data and provided by Quest Fitness    
- Boost your expertise and credibility through multi-level fitness certification by fitness experts and sport scientists

How does Quest Fitness work for Academies and Institutions?

- Manage multiple branches and/or batches on one, streamlined, easy to use dashboard!

The Quest Fitness portal lets you add as many branches and multiple batches within those.

- Unique logins for staff members

We provide all staff members with individual logins to manage the dashboard. There is a separate login for the Head of Academy,Manager, Coaches and finally, Members (students, parents, etc.)All profiles will have individual functionalities most relevant to their requirements

What is Quest Fitness Certification Program?

Our certification programme, P.E.A.K. ,is a multilevel fitness certification program which provides theoretical and practical knowledge about fitness, sports training and assessments. This will be launched very soon, so stay tuned for details! In the meantime, why not sign up for a free demo?